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eyeliner as black as my heart, lipstick as red as the blood of my fallen enemies.

i can’t even talk to him because my mum and stepdad are getting rid of the internet. what is my life

worst day of my life yesterday. almost became homeless, boyfriend’s mum now hates me, parents hate me including my stepdad and my dad’s girlfriend, losing my boyfriend probably because we’re not allowed at eachother’s houses and our parents want us to break up because we’re not “good for eachother”. i am losing everyone and i don’t know what to do. won’t be online for a while after today. i am so sad.


well, near enough everyone has done or continues to do it (guys and girls). it’s natural. a completely normal thing and i am comfortable talking about it because of that. i used to say i didn’t do it when i was a bit younger because you do around that age, but then i grew up and realised it shouldn’t be an awkward subject. it’s nothing to be embarrassed about :)

sext: i wanna paint u green n spank u like a disobedient avocado