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eyeliner as black as my heart, lipstick as red as the blood of my fallen enemies.




anytime and i try :) thank you lovely, v sweet of you to say so! xo

why are scottish accents so goddamn lovely. they make me melt, for reaaal


aw thank you! i always feel really flattered when i get questions like this because i don’t really do much at all. i’m kinda lucky when it comes to weight gain because it all goes to my boobs and bum area. i don’t seem to put it on anywhere else but that will change as i get older. when i exercise i just do a ton of sit ups, crunches and squats. i also take my dog for a lot of walks so that helps too. my diet isn’t overly healthy. i eat a fair bit of junk but i usually even it out with healthy meals at the end of the day. my tips for weight loss and getting/staying in shape are to drink lots of water and green tea (they both speed up your metabolism), cut out bread or don’t eat as much of it, eat more fruit and veg, ALWAYS TAKE THE STAIRS because it tones the booty, stay away from cheese, drink skimmed milk, etc. i bet your body is already fab but good luck with it x